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FISH 500 Seminar Series

Fridays at 11am during the 2014 Winter Session

Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory (AERL)

Room 120

Faculty in charge of course: Drs. Daniel Pauly, Rashid Sumaila, and William Cheung
Seminar organizer: Anna Schuhbauer


The Fisheries Seminar Series strives to invite speakers from a wide range of disciplines related to fisheries and/or oceans. Past speakers have included quantitative modelers, public communicators, economists, anthropologists, and ecologists. Although the audience is primarily composed of faculty, staff and students from the Fisheries Centre, other departments are also well represented. It's a wonderful platform for circulating ideas, gaining new perspectives, and provoking engaging discussions.

Fisheries Centre Seminar Schedule 

Winter Session 2014 and 2015

Fridays at 11am in AERL 120







September 12th 2014

Dr. Scott G Hinch Director Natural Resources Conservation Program, Faculty of Forestry, UBC

Changing climate and changing behaviour: using physiological telemetry and experimental biology to examine a conservation crisis in migrating adult Pacific salmon


Special Seminar Thursday September 18th at 1 pm in AERL 107

Dr. Eric Galbraith McGill University Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Teaching an Earth System Model to Fish: connecting ecosystem to economics in a complex environment

September 19th 2014

Dr. Miguel Ángel Cisneros Mata CRIP-Guaymas, INAPESCA-SAGARPA

Fisheries in the Gulf of California. Relevant issues

September 26th 2014

Dr. Yoshitaka Ota Nereus, Fisheries Centre, UBC

Fishing and Ethnicity

October 3rd 2014

Dr. Steve Martell International Pacific Halibut Comission

Assessment and management of Pacific halibut


October 10th 2014

Dr. Ed Camp University of Florida

An integrated evaluation of stock enhancement of recreational fisheries, applied to red drum in Florida, USA


October 17th 2014

Dr .Doug Hay UBC

Biology of eulachon in the Fraser River: critical knowledge gaps


October 24th

Dr. Villy Christensen UBC

Fishing Down Through the Food Web


October 31st

Dr. Tony Pitcher UBC

Evaluating the Ethics and Sustainability of Fisheries


November 7th

Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee MUN, Canada

Innovations and Opportunities in Small-Scale Fisheries


November 14st

Dr. Dana Lepofsky SFU

Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Community Explorations into Traditional Mariculture on the Northwest Coast


November 21st

Dr. Markus Horning Oregon State University

Sleepers creepers? Evidence of sleeper shark predation on Steller sea lions and implications for fisheries


November 28th

Dr. Sean Cox SFU

Monitoring deep-sea benthic communities on large spatial scales: a collaborative leap toward ecosystem-based management of bottom contact fisheries




January 9th

Sonia Strobel

Skipper Ottos' Community Supported Fishery

How the Community Supported Fishery movement is changing commercial fishing in British Columbia, Canada


 January 16th 

Dr. Daniel Selbie

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Cultus Lake Salmon Research Laboratory


Quesnel Lake Sockeye Salmon: Large escapements, trophic surprises, and the consequences of density-dependence


January 23rd 

Adam Solomon

The Fisheries Law Centre, director & founder

An introduction to fisheries law and examination of property rights in fisheries management schemes 


January 30th

Dr Wilf Swartz


Sell or Perish: Analysis of Japan’s Fresh Fish Market as a Newsvendor Problem


February 6th

Dr. Evelyn Pinkerton


The role of the moral economy in North American small-scale fisheries: confronting neoliberal policies



February 13th

Dr. Eddie Allison

University of Washington

Governing fisheries for food security


February 27th

Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Conservation economics: Close the high seas to fishing and boast global food security, equality


March 6th

Student Talks: John Driscoll, Rebecca Singleton and Allison Witter

March 13th

Student Talks: Jeff Scott, Darah Gibson and Ravi Maharaj

March 20th

Student Talks: Sahir Advani, Myriam Khalfallah and Xueying Yin

March 27th

Stefan Austermühle

April 10th

Student Talks: Clayton Manning and Vanessa Minke-Martin

April 17th

Dr. Daniel Pauly


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