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Pramod Ganapathiraju

Name: Pramod Ganapathiraju
Program: RMES, PhD
Thesis: Global study on incentives to compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct and IUU Fishing
Supervisor: Tony Pitcher
Degree Held: BSc (Andhra University), MSc (Annamalai University), MMM (Dalhousie University)


Pramod Ganapathiraju obtained his BSc in Fisheries from Andhra University,India. Subsequently he obtained a Master's in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology (, Annamalai University, India. His research work, on Recruitment patterns and critical inshore-offshore linkages of Grouper Juveniles in Vellar-Coleroon estuarine system, was supervised by Dr. T. Kannupandi. Subsequently he worked as Research Fellow for two years studying Distribution and diversity of Rocky benthic invertebrates along Northeastern Bay of Bengal in a Department of Ocean Development, Government of India project at Andhra University. From 2002-2004 he worked as Research Assistant studying Distribution and Abundance of Coral reef fishes along the east coast of India. Further, his work with A.P. Natural History Society, under the guidance of Dr. NAV Prasad Reddy, also involved studies on the migration patterns of Dolphins and Whales along the central Bay of Bengal to devise awareness strategies for fishermen to conserve whales.

Recently he completed his Master's in Marine Management at Dalhousie University (2004-2005). His Research work, on "Trawl fishery along the India's northeastcoast: an analysis of catches, seasonal changes and ecological impacts" was supervised by Dr. Tony Charles, at St. Mary's University, Halifax, Canada.

Pramod joined Fisheries Centre in Sept, 2005 where his doctoral research "Global study on incentives to compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct and IUU Fishing" intends to understand effectiveness of Global fisheries laws.

He is an active collaborator of Fishbase, and has contributed several pictures of reef pictures along central east coast of India since 2004. He also participated in DFO Summer Ground fish Survey (July, 2005) on CCGS Teleost along the Scotian Shelf as part of his internship with DFO at St. Andrews Biological Station, St. Andrews, Canada from May to July, 2005.

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